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Golden Content Management System Features

  • Multilingual

    Create Multi-Language Sites

    You can create multilingual web sites using the engine of GoldenCMS, Even RTL Languages!

  • SEO Friendly URLs

    Create an Optimized Website for Search Engines

    Using the power of GoldenCMS you can relax for indexing and good position in search engine results!

  • Modular and Extensible!

    Extend Your Site's Features Easily

    Easy to Add extensions and Easy to Develop New Features with Power of Modular Framework!

  • Automatic Update

    Don't Worry About New Versions!

    GoldenCMS detects it's new versions and it can update itself to latest!

  • Be Part
    Of Our

GoldenCMS Structure

Great Base for Great Future!

Directory Structure
GoldenCMS has a great flexible directory strucuture for managing file system. This structure contains:

ROOT: The root directory contains the main index of the site, Which loads our web site, You can define your root directory in any place, Relax to define it in any subdomain, sub folder or ..., But it is under your root of web-site to initialize site!

CMS: CMS directory contains all created data of an site instance, This directory can be inaccesible to visitors and you can move it to any place, for example outside of public_html or ..., You can have another instance of cms folder in other directories too, For example to starting a new sub site or such things!

PUBLIC: Public directory contains all files which should be accessible to visitors, including all images, css, javascripts, icons, medias, etc. You can put public directory in any place, But all files path will include in loaded files.

CMF: CMF directory is the srorage of our core files, It can be in an inaccessible directory, It contains all modules, libraries, everything related to processing the flow of site.

Our Way

How We Manage The Progress

We Are Beside You

We are here to hear your need, Your priorities and we attention. So let us know about that and help us to do what you need!

Everythings Are Open and Free!

We offer everything including codes and contribution efforts open for everybody. So don't hesitate to ask to help, Start help us and others!

Enjoy in Contribute!

Want to join our team to Translate, Documentation, Development and Tests? Welcome to our community!

We Need Your Participation!

GoldenCMS is an open source PHP CMS and CMF (Content Management Framework). To developing the system, we avoid application complexity and try to make everything simple for Users, Developers, Extenders and Designer. We use Fat-Free Framework as a great miny framework in back of our Content Management Framework.

If you like to contribute in developing this project, We offer the Source as Open for everyone on Github. We have an Open Team which every contributors are welcome!
You can even edit this page! or Fork it on GitHub!